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Meet the Team: Kelly

Meet the Team: Kelly

Kelly's skilled hands have created thousands of pieces of jewelry for us over the years. She can turn a pile of loose beads into a tray of beautiful necklaces overnight and it was her dexterity that helped us make over 1,000 mask chains for you at the peak of the pandemic. She also has a really cute baby that's usually strapped to her.

How did you come to work at Stefanie Wolf Designs and how long has it been?

A long time friend of mine worked for Stefanie and that’s how I got started! I've been with her company for about 7 years. 

What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make and why?

I enjoy making everything, but I have to say the Island necklace is my favorite. I love the small details in the design and I like working with wire!

What do you like to do when you're not working?

I love to make art! Making mosaic tables, painting...I always have some sort of project in the works. I also love being outside, exploring the island with my family and going to the beach.

How would you describe your personal style?

Black has always been my favorite color to wear. I just love it, and it’s perfect for bright jewelry too!

What's your favorite piece to wear?

I have a few different colors of the Island necklace that I wear all the time (my gold/turquoise one is my favorite) and I love my TN44 trilogy necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet.

What's your favorite SWD jewelry pairing?

I love that Stefanie’s jewelry can go with anything. I have a pair of gold hoop earrings I’ve had for about 15 years and I pair them with my indigo Trilogy 44-inch necklace. Blue and gold look amazing together!

Please tell us a fun fact about yourself.

The Arizona desert is where I’d choose to live if I wasn’t here on Martha’s Vineyard.


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