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How to Style a Necklace With Your Outfit

How to Style a Necklace With Your Outfit

Stef Wolf styling someone in Martha's Vineyard in her necklaces


So you’re all set to walk out the door sporting your favorite new spring top but wait—don’t forget to add the cherry on top: your necklace

Choosing the right necklace for your top is simple and fun when you follow a few essential guidelines to ensure that your jewelry accents and amplifies your look without conflicting or overdoing it. From selecting the right necklace style to length, here’s our guide to help you find the perfect complement for your outfit and personality. 

A Guide for Styling Your Necklace With Your Outfit  

1. How to pick the right necklace length

Stef tip: Choose a necklace length that falls at least an inch or two above or below the neckline of your shirt or dress. Avoid a necklace that hits your chest at exactly the same place as your top’s neckline as it will tend to look busy or cluttered. 

  • For a crew neckline that sits high (similar to a standard t-shirt) you have two necklace length options: choose either a long necklace (20-44 inches long) that drops significantly below the neckline or a shorter or choker length necklace (16-18 inches long) that sits higher than the crewneck opening, completely clearing the top of your shirt so that your necklace sits fully on your skin. Avoid a necklace that hangs exactly where your shirt’s neckline is or they will be conflicting and fighting for attention.

Best necklaces for a crew neckline
  • For a v-neck: stick with necklaces that sit above the neckline. Your best bet is a 16-18 inch pendant necklace or a 16-18 inch simple strand. If you opt for a longer necklace, just make sure it drops far below your v-neck and aim for a long pendant necklace in lieu of a simple strand.


Pendant necklaces look best with a v-neck top


  • With a scoop neck: top you have lots of choices, go for short or long, just try to clear the top of your shirt by at least an inch in either direction.


Necklace lengths to wear with a scoop neck top


  • You have a couple of options with a button down collared shirt: A simple shorter-length necklace will be perfect, especially if you are wearing the top few buttons open. Choose a 16 to 18-inch long pendant or strand necklace so that it will peek out from under your blouse. You can also go for a longer necklace that easily clears the top closed button. In this case, stick with a simple necklace design since the buttons on the shirt are adding a visual element and you don’t want to give the eye too many places to focus.

Long necklace with collared shirt

  • It’s fun to choose jewelry for a dress or top with a deep plunging neckline because you almost can’t go wrong. A pendant or strand necklace that falls a few inches above the neckline would be stunning, as would a long necklace that falls a few inches below. Avoid a short choker, or a long pendant necklace that falls into your cleavage, should you be lucky enough to have the latter ;) .

 Necklace with deep plunging neckline

Necklace Length Chart - how to find the best length necklace for your top


2. Tips to style a necklace with the color of your shirt or dress 

Stef tip: Accent the color of your shirt or dress with a necklace, pairing a single color/material necklace with a patterned top or coordinating multicolored or mixed material necklaces with a solid colored top. 

If your top or dress is a solid color you are free to wear any color or metal jewelry to accent it, provided the colors and tones complement one another. For example, I might wear a cute red necklace with a navy top or a piece of gold jewelry with a pink top. 

Statement necklace in rainbow

When wearing a solid-colored top you are also free to wear a multicolored necklace, which can be lots of fun. Just be sure that the colors in the necklace relate to the color of your top without clashing. 

If your top is a multi-colored pattern, follow these simple steps: stick to necklaces that are a single color or a single material, it can be gold, silver, pearl, or beads, but try to stick to a single color for your jewelry, one that accents the pattern in your outfit. Mixed material jewelry may be tricky with a patterned top because it can tend to get too busy.


3. Take note of the shape the necklace makes on your neckline 

Stef tip: Notice the shape the necklace makes as it drapes from your neck and aims for harmony with the shape of your neckline. 

A gently draping blouse will look great with a beaded necklace that hangs in a gentle curve. A long pendant necklace will look great with a high boat neck or crew neck top.

Tiered necklace

4. Embrace your personal style

Stef tip: And most importantly, let your personality shine through and have fun! Think of your necklace as an opportunity to show off your own personal style. When you exude confidence and exuberance you will rock your look I promise.

Need more tips on styling and length? Learn 7 different ways to wear my 60" Trilogy necklace!


best statement necklaces available online


Do you have any other questions about styling a necklace for your look? Ask away in the comments! 




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  • Olive

    Enjoyed your class. I am not dressed until I put on my jewelry.
    I will now think about the 60 inch necklace. Loved the bracelet look as well as the pendant looked. Thanks again.

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