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Meet the Team: Kathryn

by Bloom Digital Agency 3 min read

Kathryn - Team member of Stefanie Wolf Designs

Kathryn takes care of our wholesale accounts as well as handling many of our online orders and helping customers in the shop. She takes the show on the road and travels to trade shows with Stefanie from New York to Atlanta to Las Vegas.

Kathyrn and co-worker

How did you come to work at Stefanie Wolf Designs and how long has it been?

I started working for SWD in Jan of 2013. My initial experience was with Stefanie at her first NY NOW trade show. We had 5 willing participants to represent the SDW brand in an exciting leap into wholesale on the big stage of NYC. I was excited to be part of what felt like the ground floor of the wholesale business and help be part of building that revenue channel. Though this has been my primary focus, I seem to have my hands in many aspects of the business.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make and why?

I like to make so many pieces of Stefanie's jewelry it is hard to pick just one but I enjoy making the island tiled necklaces. I love how so many parts and elements come together to make what feels like a "simple" necklace. I also like the precise parts of wire wrapping. I also LOVE to make our snowflakes, I refer to it as, "making it snow".


Stefanie Wolf's displayed necklaces


Beaded Snowflake Ornament


What do you like to do when you're not working?

When I'm not working I love spending time with my family and friends. I have an incredible passion for fishing, cooking, and also love to garden.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a challenge to describe, LOL. Its a bit conservative while not wanting to be too conservative while 3 daughters trying hard to keep me current and not embarrassing. I waver between a lot of grey and bright colors. One of my rules of style is as long as you have a bracelet and earrings on you are fully dressed and ready regardless of what you are wearing, LOL.

Kathryn inside Stefanie Wolf Designs store


What's your favorite piece to wear?

One of my favorites, I have many, is the Full Circle necklace in Grey with the Tear Drop earrings in Grey. This combination works so well on an almost every day level but always has the ability to be dressed up. It is understated but adds so much to even the most simple of wardrobe choices and can be worn with a wide array of colors.

What's your favorite SWD jewelry pairing?

I have a few favorites... 🙂 I LOVE the Gold leaf 44" necklace! I don't like to admit this but I own 3 of them, LOL!! To really make a statement I wear one long and a 2nd doubled to give me 3 layers of beautiful golden dangly leaves and the 3rd wraps to a fantastic bracelet that is irresistible to touch. My next pairing is wearing any large Full Circle bracelet with any small Full Circle bracelet. I tend to wear them together cause they are fun to have different sizes on. My 3rd favorite paring is mixing any of the collections together. Like a tripled 60" Trilogy necklace with small full circle studs and perhaps a bubble bracelet. the colors work together beautifully.


Gold leaf or silver leaf single strand necklace


Full Circle bracelet



Long beaded necklace, Trilogy 60"


Please tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A little known fun fact about me is that I can wiggle my ears and love floral design.

Kathryn with Stefanie and Cherish


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