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Tips for stacking & layering for a sophisticated look

Learn how to layer my jewelry for unlimited style possibilities!

Tips for stacking & layering for a sophisticated look

Layering beaded necklaces and bracelets

Learning how to stack & layer your jewelry is a skill you’d be keen to learn now! Not only does it create a stunning way to stand out, it also allows you to create hundreds more styles with the same jewelry you already have. Who doesn’t love getting more for less?

Layering Gold and Glass Beaded Necklaces with Friends

If you don’t remember anything else from this article, remember these two tips and you’ll be golden:

Three is Key - Start with at least three layers. Two is just not enough and there is artistic magic in odd numbers.

Mix & Match - Don’t be afraid to combine different types of jewelry. It’s easy to create an alluring combination by mixing contrasting styles. This tip works well with bracelets as well as necklaces.

Ready to become a layering pro? Keep reading.

What is layered jewelry

What is layered jewelry?

Layering your jewelry is an art not a science. Part of the fun of collecting your favorite necklaces and bracelets is experimenting with wearing them in different ways together. A simple, everyday outfit (think jeans and a t-shirt) is the perfect canvas for layering necklaces, while a formal dress can be an enticing playground for stacking up several necklaces or bracelets to create a bold look.

Stef wearing layered necklaces

What jewelry can you mix & match?

  •  Colors

    Two successful color mixing strategies are: stick with several versions of a similar color family or, for a bold statement look, try a combination of contrasting colors.  

  • Styles

    An interesting layered look can feature a mix of delicate and bold necklaces or contrasting materials such as chains mixed with beaded strands. One trick is to try a longer pendant necklace below a short choker strand.

  • Metals

    Don’t be afraid to mix up your metals. Pairing gold with silver adds interest and depth to your layered look.

  • Lengths

    Start with necklaces of different lengths. This will ensure that each has a chance to shine and also prevents your layered necklaces from tangling.

Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces 101: Play with different necklace lengths

Necklace Length Chart from 16 inch choker to 60 inch rope strand

  • Choker: 14-16 inches, sits high and tight on the neck
  • Princess: a classic 18 inch long strand
  • Bib: 3 or more strands that are tiered
  • Matinee: 20-24 inches, Sits at bustline
  • Opera: 30 inches, bottom of ribcage, can be wrapped twice
  • Rope: A strand 32 inches or longer, often worn doubled or tripled.
  • Lariat: An open strand, typically over 36” long, that can be wrapped or worn open, like a scarf

Bracelet Stacking 101:

 Bracelet Stacking

Ring stacking gets a lot of attention, but I want to give bracelet stacking a spotlight for a moment. From bangles to beads & everything in between, bracelet stacking is an easy way to elevate your look for any outfit.

Layer variations of the same style. Start with 3 or more bracelets of a similar style: bangles, chain links, beaded strands, wrap bracelets and stretchy bracelets all work. Stack multiple colors or metals of your bracelets together in this way.

More is More!

A wise and fashionable friend once told me this and, when layering is the game, more is definitely more. And this is something I personally have adopted when it is time to get dressed up for a special occasion - especially when it comes to layering my best selling full circle & trilogy glass jewelry collections. More is more!

If you’re feeling inspired to start layering & stacking, take a look at some of my favorite stacks using my island-inspired jewelry below!

Layering necklaces

Layering necklace

Layering necklace

Have fun and remember that there are no wrong ways to layer!

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