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The Candyland Strand Collection | Long beaded necklace and jewelry collection in multicolor rainbow for Pride

The Candyland Strand Collection: A Celebration of Color, Individuality, Joy and...RAINBOWS!

Have I ever mentioned how obsessed with rainbows I am? Perhaps it's that they remind me of Hawai'i, or that a rainbow just brings a smile to my face, but when I'm not searching for the rainbow I'm creating one. Step into my shop and you can't walk 6 inches before you'll encounter your first rainbow display. Browse my jewelry designs and every other month I'm creating a new spin on rainbow. I can't help myself!

Rainbow Window Store Display for Pride

My newest collection: the Candyland Strand Collection is my latest expression of joyful rainbows. Inspired by the whimsical path of a Candyland board game and the colorful spirit of my customers' favorite Rainbow Trilogy jewelry, this collection is a joyful celebration of color and individuality.

Beaded Glass Necklace Rainbow Order Pride Rainbow Candyland Strands Necklace

Each piece in our Candyland Strand Collection features a vibrant array of rectangular glass beads in rainbow order, reminiscent of the colorful path winding through a Candyland board game adventure. From the warm tones of red and orange to the cool shades of blue and purple, every color of the rainbow is represented in these multicolored designs.

 Glass beaded bracelets in multicolor rainbow


Our long beaded necklace strand is a true statement piece, guaranteed to add a bring a smile to the wearer and those around you. It also goes with everything! Whether you're boldly dressing for a special occasion or adding a pop of color to your jeans and white t-shirt look, this necklace is sure to turn heads and spark joy wherever you go.

Glass Beaded Necklace | Long Multicolored Beaded Strand for Pride

Prefer a shorter style? Our 18-inch and 16-inch necklaces offer the same playful charm in a more petite package. And this is a totally new twist! I've ditched the dangle pendant (of our classic 18" Trilogy Necklace), but kept the silver toggle clasp. With the versatility to wear the clasp in the front or the back, these necklaces are as versatile as they are stylish.

Beaded Glass Necklace Rainbow Order Pride Rainbow Candyland Strands Necklace


...And for a fun and lighthearted earring accompaniment, our EXTRA LONG rainbow glass drop earrings are your favorite new addition to your dangle earring collection. Featuring a mismatched pair of glass tile earrings, these earrings are sure to add a touch of whimsy to your ensemble and brighten your day.

Rainbow Rectangle Glass Tile Dangle Drop Bright Glass EarringsWhether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply embracing your unique style, our Candyland Strand Collection is the perfect way to add a splash of color and joy to your life. Shop the collection today and let your inner child shine.

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