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The Ukraine Jewelry Collection, $8,849 Given to Date!

The Ukraine Jewelry Collection, $8,849 Given to Date!

Customer with Ukraine bracelet

Quite like the rest of the world, my team and I were shocked when we heard that Russia was attacking Ukraine. We didn't know if we could do much, but we wanted to do something! So I did what I knew how to; I designed a Ukraine flag inspired jewelry collection and decided to donate half of the purchase price to Ukraine. 

All in one day, my team and I designed and launched the brand-new collection. It did take a bit longer, however, to research charities and to make sure that we chose an organization that was trustworthy and would really make a difference with the money we were raising. 




Photographing Ukraine Jewelry

I eventually decided on Save The Children's Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund because not only does it focus particularly on helping children and families avoid conflict during the war. 




Shop the Ukraine Jewelry Collection


Thanks to you all, we have been able to raise and donate $8,849 and counting which according to Save The Children, is the equivalent of providing:

120 families emergency shelter materials

A family 2 years of nutritious food

and 240 children warm, cozy blankets 

 Making ukraine flag inspired earrings

Want to join us to continue helping children and families in Ukraine? Check out our Ukraine Jewelry Collection

 Ukraine jewelry display


Shop the Ukraine Jewelry Collection

Over the summer (2022) a representative from Save the Children called me to personally thank us for our unusually large donations. She was impressed to hear about our jewelry collection and they loved what we had created! Since then we've received several kind thank you letters like this one.

 Thank you letter from Save the Children for donating


 Shipping Ukraine Jewelry


Ukraine jewelry design



Ukraine Flag



Ukraine Jewelry Collection
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