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There’s nothing worse than catching your favorite long necklace on a handle or knob as you lean over to grab something… or your child tugs on your bracelet and it burst open, beads flying everywhere, or losing just ONE of your favorite earrings!
I take great pride in creating high quality jewelry that lasts and lasts. I first started making and selling jewelry in San Francisco in 2004 and some of you have been my loyal customers since then! In fact, many of you have shared photos of your jewelry that is 8, 10, even 12 years old that you are still enjoying regularly. This makes me happy.
From time to time jewelry will break, and beaded jewelry will occasionally need to be restrung. I am happy to do this for you when it is my jewelry. I typically have a small fee to cover the time it takes us In the studio to re-string or repair your bracelet or necklace or create a matching earring to replace your lost one.
I wanted to offer you the chance to get your jewelry repaired virtually free. All of the details are below. I look forward to getting your jewelry back to you as good as new so you can continue to enjoy it for the coming years!


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One Necklace: 7 Ways to Wear

The Trilogy 60 inch necklace is my most popular necklace because it's so versatile. This short video shows you all the ways to wear it. Want to learn more? Follow one of the links below.

See all of the color choices here. 

Learn how to tie the knot here [video].

Learn how to make a statement piece by linking two necklaces together here [video].

Get yours here.

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$99 Cashmere Ponchos are Where It's At

I've had these super soft cashmere blend ponchos in my shop for a couple of years now but I'm growing to love them more and more each day. Each gal on my staff owns at least one or two and I now carry them in several fun colors. Perfect as an extra layer around the office, at home or at an event in the winter. But ALSO perfect to throw on in the spring and summer over your dress, for an evening wedding, at an air conditioned restaurant, or as a just-in-case cover up should the temperature cool down a bit. Also perfect for traveling, especially on the airplane.
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My first ever trip to the Czech Republic, November 2016


Czech Koruna

The currency is Czech Koruna or Crowns. The exchange rate when I was there was about 25 Koruna to one US dollar.



Glass color sample cards

Browsing glass color sample cards over a delicious (and very strong) coffee




A glass pressing machine at the bead factory



A sampling of traditional Czech meals...

Beef Goulash Czech Republic

Guláš, Beef Goulash (above). A beef stew served with (extra delicious) onions and bread dumplings. Dumplings  (either bread or potato) accompany many meals in the Czech Republic. 


Svíčková Beef Cream Sauce Cranberries Whipped Cream

Svíčková (above). Beef with a cream sauce served with cranberries, whipped cream(!) and bread dumplings. The thick sauce is made from carrot, parsley root, celeriac and cream. Beef with whipped cream!


Roast pork with dumplings and cabbage (pečené vepřové s knedlíky a se zelím, colloquially vepřo-knedlo-zelo) is often considered the most typical Czech dish.

pečené vepřové s knedlíky a se zelím (above), is often considered the most typical Czech dish... It consists of roast pork with pickled red cabbage and potato dumplings.


Apple Streudel! Štrůdl

Štrůdl (Above.  Apple strudel with ice cream!


Now back to the bead factory!


A snowy morning outside of my hotel window

Snowy morning #czechrepublic #village #snow #working #vacation #czech #snowstorm #buyingtrip #europeanvacation

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These beads have just been cut

 These large coin-shaped beads have just been cut and have yet to be cleaned up.


A bagful of beautiful

A bagful of beautiful




 My shopping spree in the Czech glass bead factory!

My shopping spree in the Czech glass bead factory!


This photo was taken on what may have been one of the best nights of my life (after, of course, my wedding and the birth of my daughter...). Working late to accomplish many things during my last day and night at the bead factory. We enjoyed pizza and champagne and Jamie and I worked on designing a new collection, choosing beads for Spring, and forecasting our needs for the coming year. Now that's my idea of heaven!


A visit to the glass museum in Jablonecs





Then off to Prague!







What a trip!

Dare to Dream (at the John Lennon wall in Prague)

Dare to Dream! (at the John Lennon wall in Prague)

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