$99 Cashmere Ponchos are Where It's At

I've had these super soft cashmere blend ponchos in my shop for a couple of years now but I'm growing to love them more and more each day. Each gal on my staff owns at least one or two and I now carry them in several fun colors. Perfect as an extra layer around the office, at home or at an event in the winter. But ALSO perfect to throw on in the spring and summer over your dress, for an evening wedding, at an air conditioned restaurant, or as a just-in-case cover up should the temperature cool down a bit. Also helpful for traveling, especially on the airplane.

$99 Cashmere Ponchos for All

It's cut is asymmetrical so there is a cowl neck that is optional to wear in the front, but it also looks great on the side. Switch is up and enjoy the versatility of this cozy addition to your wardrobe.

My customers have been choosing this cashmere poncho in their gift shopping this season and I think you really can't go wrong. Is there anyone who doesn't need one?

I haven't listed these on my website but would be happy to ship you one if you call the shop at (774) 549-9526 or email us here.

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