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Meet the team: Shelly

Meet the Team: Shelly

Shelly is an expert at intricate details and we trust her with our most fussy designs. She's been creating with us for an entire decade! When Shelly isn’t making jewelry for us she makes intricate seed bead jewelry and she’s won awards for her spectacular creations.

A close up photo of Shelly

What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make and why?

My favorite pieces to make are the 60 inch long Trilogy necklaces. When I'm not making these for work I like to make my own jewelry designs with tiny seed beads. I especially like making grapevine flower bracelets and spiral stitch necklaces. I also make quilts!

Long beaded necklace Trilogy 60"

Please tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A fun fact about myself is I love hula hooping, especially with weighted water-filled hoops! I also love to cook. Some of my favorite cooking projects include homemade raviolis and tempura -- these are both recipes that my mom taught me and I make them on special occasions.

Shelly creates many of our 60” Trilogy and Medley necklaces as well as our intricately woven fringe necklaces and bracelets.

Shelly holding an accessory
Fringe necklace
Fringe bracelet
Shelly holding a sheet of garment


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