Help me name my color mix!

What should I call this mix of color?
What should I call this mix? It includes light blue, turquoise blue, pale lavender, indigo blue and green. Many of my color mixes are named after nature like ocean mix, emerald forest, lagoon mix and fire mix, but I'm open to anything. It's helpful if the name is somewhat simple and intuitive so that we can remember it. Please comment down below either within this blog post or within the Facebook video I've pasted here.
If I choose your name I'll send you this bracelet! Thanks for your help!


  • Carol Cleveland

    Just looking at the beautiful colors, I immediately thought of Summer Hydrangea. It’s not the most beautiful name, but the bracelet makes up for it.
    Carol Cleveland

  • Grey Hirschfeld

    Minoan Mosaic

  • Lou Cansler

    Spring Rain

  • Deborah

    Love this mix…. “Vineyard Home” came to mind.. Vineyard Blues is good one too!

  • Andi

    Trinity Treasures , or maybe just Stefanies Treasures :) !!