Help me name my color mix!

What should I call this mix of color?
What should I call this mix? It includes light blue, turquoise blue, pale lavender, indigo blue and green. Many of my color mixes are named after nature like ocean mix, emerald forest, lagoon mix and fire mix, but I'm open to anything. It's helpful if the name is somewhat simple and intuitive so that we can remember it. Please comment down below either within this blog post or within the Facebook video I've pasted here.
If I choose your name I'll send you this bracelet! Thanks for your help!


  • Myra Levenson

    Mountains Majesty (after American the Beautiful). These are the colors of Western mountains when the sun begins its skiw descent.

  • Susan Dammeyer

    Stephanie- Vineyard Blues came to mind right away. Think of all the waters around the island and then the shades of hydranges we enjoy all over the island all summer season long. Can’t wait for this pretty colorway to be available!

  • Lynda

    Vineyard Summer Mix – I have been going to the Island for over forty years every summer. This mix reminds me of all the wonderfully magical things the Island has to offer!

  • Michele Miller

    Water lily- the colors remind me of a water lily in a pond. So pretty!

  • Shirley

    “Mojito Sky” immediately jumped into my mind. It is another beautiful member of your jewelry family.