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Help me name my color mix!

Help me name my color mix!

What should I call this mix of color?
What should I call this mix? It includes light blue, turquoise blue, pale lavender, indigo blue and green. Many of my color mixes are named after nature like ocean mix, emerald forest, lagoon mix and fire mix, but I'm open to anything. It's helpful if the name is somewhat simple and intuitive so that we can remember it. Please comment down below either within this blog post or within the Facebook video I've pasted here.
If I choose your name I'll send you this bracelet! Thanks for your help!
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  • Betsy Port

    Mosaic Magic
    Periwinkle Petals
    Hues of Hyacinth
    Meadow Song
    P.s. Does Madame Falgoux still visit in the summer to do readings? Hope so

  • patricia

    Love it…reminds me of the globe of our world, so Im naming this beauty, “Earth Day.”

  • Nancy Vallecorsa

    “MEADOW SEASCAPE MIX”. Stephanie, your braclet incorporates the MV island sky and ocean blues, with the green and lavender, scenic fragrant island meadows. It represents the color trio of land, sea, and sky. Love the combination!

  • Brenda

    “Heaven Sent” All of the colors of nature, green grass, blue skies, blue and green waters, sunset, sunrise. What more is there…

  • Dorcey Berndt

    What a gorgeous color combination! How about “Summer breeze” or “Island breeze”?

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