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What is the Wolf Moon & What is the Spiritual Meaning?

What is the Wolf Moon & What is the Spiritual Meaning?

Everything you wanted to know about the Wolf Moon

A whole day to celebrate my namesake!

Full Wolf Moon Image Stefanie Wolf Jewelry

First of all, what exactly is a 'wolf moon'?

The Wolf Moon is the name for the full moon in January and it comes right after the winter solstice (which marks the shortest day and longest night of the year). For example, 2021’s full Wolf Moon reaches was on Thursday, January 28, at 2:18 P.M. EST.

Each month offers a full moon and the Wolf Moon gets its name from Native American tribes and early colonial times when people would see packs of wolves in the wintertime, howling outside villages at night because they were hungry.

Wolf Howling at Full Moon Image

While it's not certain that wolves howl at  the moon, wolves are indeed nocturnal creatures, and they do raise their heads while they howl, helping the sound carry longer distances. This helps explain why wolves howl at the moon.

Ethereal & spiritual meaning of the Wolf Moon

The wolf moon is said to represent new beginnings, and the conquering of light over darkness as the days grow longer. Why not take some time out of your busy life on the Wolf Moon to set intentions and prepare for what's ahead? It's a great opportunity to start laying the groundwork for your future goals.

Stefanie Wolf Full Moon Howling Logo

About Stefanie Wolf Designs: Why my logo is a silhouette of a Wolf howling at the full moon

My father is Steven Wolf and I was born Stefanie Wolf, though as a child I lost my father to a tragic accident.  I was later adopted by a stepfather and took his last name for 7 years. I later reclaimed my Wolf surname as I entered high school, feeling like a part of me had been returned. When I married my husband I took his name and obsessively started collecting wolf figurines for the first two weeks of our marriage. Hmmmm.... I quickly realized that I had again lost an essential part of my identity. Luckily I hadn't legally changed my name yet and could easily revert back to Stefanie Wolf. We're happily married, though I'm still proudly a Wolf!

Wolf Figurine Statue

I believe the wolf is my spirit animal and I resonate with the mysterious and wild qualities of this beautiful animal. When it came time to name my jewelry company, the simplicity of my name and the wolf logo was a natural fit for my brand.

Wolf Moon Full Moon Logo Sticker Stefanie Wolf

I continue to be enchanted by the moon and it's not just the full moon that holds my obsession. As a child I had a pink silk pillow in the shape of a crescent moon with a face on it. A single silver star dangled from the upper corner and it hung above my bed.

Crescent Moon Linen Mobile by Spearmint Love

The imagery of the star hanging from the edge of the crescent moon has been a doodle in many of my notebooks throughout my lifetime. Magical, mysterious and feminine, the moon inspires me and my jewelry creations.

Wolf Moon Necklace Jewelry Pendant

Celebrate the "Wolf Moon" with wolf and moon jewelry

Wolf and moon jewelry

Howling wolf and full moon pendant necklace, $38

I commissioned these custom wooden wolf moon pendant necklaces for my shop. I met Sarah at a show in Atlanta and asked if she could etch a howling wolf (like my logo) into a wooden pendant and... voila! Handmade in South Carolina, Sarah laser etches the the wolf onto discs of hand painted wood, later mounting them onto necklace pendants. The moon pendant measures approx. 1 inch in diameter. 

Wolf and Full Moon jewelry ring Stefanie Wolf

Howling Wolf and Full Moon Ring, $20

These fun wolf moon rings are both bold and beautiful as well as being adjustable enough to fit most.  The moon measures approx. 1/2 inch in diameter.

Small Stud Earrings, Star and Crescent Moon Mismatched Set

Star and crescent moon stud earrings, $22

These fun wolf moon rings are both bold and beautiful as well as being adjustable enough to fit most.  The moon measures approx. 1/2 inch in diameter.

Check out my Wolf Moon jewelry collection and help me celebrate this momentous day. This special moon sighting might come only once a year, but for me it's a daily celebration!

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  • William Ferris

    Hello there!….nice to hear from a fellow wolf!,,,I am the alpha, my native name is Soaring Eagle and I have the wolf spirit in me!,,,I will be known to the world very soon!..

  • Mia

    I had a dream about a full black wolf with black eyes, and it had starts and a crescent on top of its head. Do you know what it means?

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