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Discover the Eco-Friendly Charm of Our Recycled Oyster Shell Jewelry Dishes

Discover the Eco-Friendly Charm of Our Recycled Oyster Shell Jewelry Dishes

Supporting Sustainability: The Journey of Our Recycled Oyster Shell Jewelry Dishes

At Stefanie Wolf Designs, we're proud to feature eco-friendly oyster jewelry dishes that have become a customer favorite. Crafted with care by Grit and Grace, a woman-owned small business based in Charleston, SC, these unique pieces come with a fascinating story.

Oyster Shell Jewelry Dishes

Sustainable Solutions: Crafting Beauty From Repurposed Shells

Grit and Grace has implemented an innovative shell recycling program, collecting oyster shells from the local restaurant industry. By repurposing these shells, they're not only saving tons from landfills but also creating beautiful keepsakes. For every oyster sold, ten shells are returned to the ocean, supporting the oyster population and promoting sustainability.


Recycling Oyster Shells with Pink Buckets

Preserving the Ocean's Legacy: A Commitment to Shellfish Sustainability

Recycling oyster shells plays a crucial role in shellfish sustainability, a concept we're passionate about here on Martha’s Vineyard too. Young oysters rely on shells or other hard surfaces to grow, and harvesting adult oysters without returning their shells to the ocean can harm future shellfish populations. To learn more about our commitment to shell recovery, check out the Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group's program here.

Recycling Oysters on Martha's Vineyard with the Shellfish Group

A Touch of Nature in Every Box: Unboxing Our Oyster Shell Jewelry Dishes

Each oyster shell jewelry dish from our collection is carefully packaged in an eco-friendly gift box with the inspiring message, "The World Is Your Oyster!" Our packaging is 100% recycled, including the crinkle paper.


Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish in a Gift Box


Since each shell is naturally sourced, no two dishes are exactly alike, adding a unique touch to every piece. Perfect for gifting, especially for Mother's Day, these jewelry dishes bring a touch of the ocean's elegance into any home. 

Ocean Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish with Blue Bracelet
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