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by Stefanie Wolf 1 min read

Many customers have requested beaded eyeglass holder chains over the years and I'm pleased to say that I finally have them!

Watch my video here where I demonstrate how to turn any of my handmade facemask chains into eyeglass holders.

It turns out that all of our mask chains can easily convert into eyeglass chains with this pair of nifty gizmos.





Step 1: Clip one to the clasp on each end of your mask chain.

Convertible Eyeglass Mask Chain Holders

Step 2: Slide the arm of your glasses into the open end.

Convertible Face Mask Eyeglass Holder Chain

Step 3: Cinch the metal coil to securely fit the arm of your glasses.

Convertible Eyeglass Facemask Chain Holder Lanyard

Step 4: Relax-- now you won’t misplace your eyewear!

Convertible Mask Chain Eyeglass Holder Lanyard for Facemasks or Reading GlassesFor a limited time we are shipping a pair of eyeglass chain converters complimentary with each mask chain purchase. If you miss it or need an extra pair find them here.

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