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Let me introduce you!

Come in and meet the gals who make the jewelry and keep the studio, store and website humming on a daily basis.

Cherish keeps us well-stocked in our most popular jewelry items and keeps track of all of our jewelry supplies behind the scenes. Cherish is also a master of customer service and it's usually her smiling face and warm greeting that will greet you when you enter the shop.

Kathryn takes care of our wholesale accounts as well as handling many of our online orders and helping customers in the shop. She takes the show on the road and travels to trade shows with Stefanie from New York to Atlanta to Las Vegas.

Helayne's unfaltering attention to detail has earned her the nickname "Eagle Eye Helayne" around the studio. She carefully reviews each piece of jewelry our team creates to ensure that everything is top quality. Anything that she deems less than perfect goes in the sale bin for a future sample sale. Helayne is also the pottery artist behind our Vineyard Keepsake Bowls.

My favorite piece of Jewelry to make is the Trilogy Bracelet. I love the color combinations in the tiles and the smooth feel of the glass Picasso window beads.

I love kayaking, biking and going to the beach. I also enjoy making art - collage and landscape oil painting.

I wear a lot of SWD earrings. Almost every day. I always have the perfect match for any outfit, whether it's a dinner date or a hike with my daughter. My two favorites are the Swag Hoops (with delicate chain!) and the Brass Twist earrings that I got years ago and were made with vintage brass components.

I am the earring queen! I like that the earrings take some extra skills and that they are portable. I can take my little jewelry making kit anywhere and have - to many beaches on Martha's Vineyard, on the ferry, on trips in this country and to Africa, Haiti and beyond when I travel to collect songs.

When I'm not working, I'm singing! I am a song leader and song collector and my goal in life, actually my life's work, is to help regular people to sing regularly. I love building community and connecting hearts across difference by helping people to sing together.

I got my first Trilogy bracelet almost 10 years ago, and later applied and was offered a job! Since then, I have worked in the retail store for 2 seasons. I'm currently a student studying mechanical engineering in Boston.

In my free time I love to get outside, especially during the beautiful Vineyard summers. I love to kayak, hike, swim and paddleboard. 

I would describe my style as minimalistic, youthful, and vintage. I wear my petite gold leaf necklace everyday!

I love the style and coloring of my wampalyke bracelet; it’s elegant and I can wear it with anything! I love layering necklaces together, especially with the island necklace.

I've worked for Stefanie Wolf Designs since 2011.

My favorite pieces to make are the 60 inch long necklaces.

When I am not working I make my own jewelry and I especially enjoy making grapevine/flower bracelets and spiral stitch necklaces. I also make quilts!

A fun fact about myself is that I like hula hooping! I also love to cook, especially homemade ravioli and tempura-- both recipies that I learned from my mom.