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I love your jewelry! I was excited that I could order it online, great idea to have your website on the jewelry tag. My brother bought me the cloud trilogy necklace for my birthday and it is so pretty that I wanted the rest of the set to match. I also think your recycled/eco-friendly line is great, I'll probably order more of that in the future. Thanks, Shelly

Hi Stefanie, I love your stuff! I purchased some earrings in Sept. when I was in San Francisco. They are my favorite earrings and I get tons of compliments. I would love to order some more jewelry, I can see I will be buying and buying and buying from you! I, too, enjoy the powers and influences of the stones. I am so glad I found you when I was in the Bay area! Thanks much, Lauren

I was born and raised in SF, lived my whole life in Northern California and now I am living in the Palm Desert area. To say I miss the north is a huge understatement. I was in SF in October (during the Nike marathon weekend) and saw your booth behind the Hyatt Regency. I walked by, spoke to you briefly, signed up on your e-mail and took your business card. The "Kendall" necklace was imprinted on my brain the minute I saw it. I kept your business card in my glass case because I was so instantly impressed with the energy from your work. I just received my purchase of the Kendall today and it looks like it belongs on me. Thank you for your creativity. Happy Holidays! -Sandi

I received the necklaces today ...I have the chakra necklace on now. I love them! -Samantha

Thanks for the beautiful necklace. I feel so blessed and touched for the gift but wearing things made by you lets me feel a little piece of your love and support throughout my day! Many thanks! Tina

It was great meeting you last weekend! By the way- I already received several compliments on my necklace. Take Care, Caren

I am looking to get my mom another one of your beautiful necklaces for her birthday. She owns about eight of them and wears one of your necklaces every day. Thank you so much, Katie

I do love my new necklace, and have worn it with various outfits, receiving compliments every time. It shall be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Definitely add me to your email list. I have already forwarded your website to several friends who have expressed an interest after seeing the necklace, so perhaps you will hear from one or more of them. The necklace is so very beautiful. This family of colors-- aqua, turquoise, sea foam green--is one that I have been increasingly drawn to over the past year or so. I looked at your website, and I love your work. – Pat I

My long-long-time friend Stefanie Wolf is an extremely talented jewelry designer and has put together some truly special items for Valentine’s Day. She gave me a lovely necklace and earring set for my wedding, and I treasure it (and get compliments on it) still. If you're looking to treat yourself to something pretty, look no further. – Beauty Hatchery Blog

I ordered a couple of necklaces and a pair of earrings from you at the Valentine's Day jewelry party. Well, my mom and her friends have been dying of jealousy recently and I finally gave in and told them the website for your necklaces. Will you be around this coming Saturday? I might bring my mom out to take a look. –Angela

It was so great to meet you at the art fair on Saturday and to sample all of your beautiful jewelry. I’m so happy with my purchase! Best, Vicki

Thanks again for your great talent and taste! I am glad we met you at the Embarcadero and I will keep your website handy if I ever need anything else. –Jenna

I have a number of Stefanie's necklaces and love them. Stefanie made custom jewelry for my bridesmaids, necklaces that were just beautiful. I would highly recommend her custom designs; she is creative and just plain cool and fun to work with. –Amanda

Stefanie is now a friend of mine. But, honestly, when I first saw her jewelry, I was surprised and impressed by her eye for design. There is a lot of hand-made jewelry out there, but I think Stefanie's simple, sophisticated artistry sets her apart from all the rest. I own several of her necklaces and a few pairs of her earrings. I love wearing them and often get compliments, which I love because it gives me an opportunity to share Stefanie's name with more folks. I have also given her necklaces as gifts, and my friends have loved them. Check out Stefanie's web site or visit her at one of her shows. Treat yourself to something beautiful or buy something lovely for someone you love. -Briana

Thanks from a very appreciative customer who will wear your wonderful necklaces constantly. Warmly, Veronica

I received the necklaces today just in time for tomorrow’s event! The Princess Project could only happen with the generous support of super people like you. Thank you very much. Please wish us a very successful event this year. Sincerely, Kristiana Accessories/Cosmetics Chair, The Princess Project

These green garnet and rose quartz earrings are beautiful! Thank you so much! I’ll be back when I need more :) Ally

Stefanie, You are a complete angel!!! Thank you SO MUCH for trying to work out some way to get that necklace fixed before I go away (it will no doubt be worn just about every day of the trip!). You're a true professional and I wish you huge amount of success with your jewelry. Again, my true appreciation for your efforts in trying to get my necklace fixed. I'm a customer who will be loyal for years. Best, Vannessa

Thank you again—so glad there were still enough pieces of the stained glass to make my earrings. I will definitely tell my friends about your jewelry. Sincerely, Molly

Thank you Stefanie! I am already getting so many compliments! I absolutely love it!! – Alexis

I stopped by designer Stefanie Wolf’s table to say hi. A designer since 1995, Wolf uses natural materials and recycled glass in her colorful jewelry. I first encountered Wolf’s work at 440 Brannan Studio in SoMA. I ended up buying a pair of fossilized coral earrings from her. They have a beautiful sparkling quality to them because of the way they are cut. Up close, they look almost like geometrically shaped, vintage beads. – SF Indie Fashion Blog

We are all ooing and ahhing about the latest luscious jewelry by San Francisco jewelry designer, Stefanie Wolf. Among our favorites from Stefanie Wolf is the necklace shown below. She uses 80 miniature stained glass windows for the triple strand design, and we have it available in bottle green, as you see here, and three other colors by special order, along with matching earrings and bracelets. – Joan from Timeless Treasures, SF

Hi Stefanie, I still wear your two necklaces just about exclusively. They've become a part of my essential being by now. See you soon I hope. Warmly, Valerie

I would like to buy more colors of the Trilogy, they are great, light as a feather, fun to wear. Best, Abbigail

Thank you so much for your generosity a couple of Fridays ago. The earrings looked great with the outfit. Many Blessings, Martha

I have gotten many compliments on the necklace that I bought. I love it! Also my daughters really liked the necklaces that I got for them. Compliments have come their way as well. I will be back on your site soon to do shopping for my nieces for Christmas. – Jenny

These earrings are a birthday gift for my mother - I know she's going to love them because she loves everything you make. –Stephanie

The necklaces were a big hit. I would like to order seven more as gifts. –Janice

I always check out your emails and really love how your designs have developed. I need to treat myself to something soon. I hope I get to say I knew her when...All my best, Lee

I just wanted to say thank you for the bracelet...she just LOVED it and it arrived so quickly! I have the same bracelet and receive so many compliments on it, I just love how it can go with anything! Thanks again! Megan

Thanks so much! I know she'll be thrilled with it. Thanks for being my go-to jewelry expert :) Malinda

I just wanted to let you know the necklace arrived on Saturday! Thanks for the speedy delivery. I am sure my friend in London is going to LOVE it! Thanks again, Rachel

I bought a gorgeous pair of earrings from you at a street fair in Hayes Valley about a month or so ago. I absolutely love them wear them almost every day with everything! Thanks so much! -Sandy

Enjoying all of the necklaces that I purchased from you recently! Thanks! Shelly

Great news - I got the necklaces today already. Wow, I'm so excited, already wearing one, the Opalite went perfect with my outfit today :-). It's just so pretty. Thank you so very much for your help with this, I'm just so happy. –Sharon

I absolutely LOOOVE my turquoise and rose quartz necklace!! My friends were thrilled with their b-day gifts as well. I hope you are doing well and selling your beautiful products. Thank you so much! -Sam

I love my new pieces! I bought the turquoise necklace and bracelet. I also bought beach wine charms and gave them to a friend even thought I had a tough time parting with them. She loves them! Thanks again. Your work is great. –Linda

Your work is really so refined and elegant. Thanks! -Victoria