The Best Gifts for Mermaid Lovers: Jewelry, Fragrance, Socks & More

Mermaids symbolize mystery, beauty, and elegance. As embodiments of independence and transformation, mermaids are not only beautiful and whimsical, but they also remind us that anything is possible.

Embrace your inner mermaid with beautiful gifts inspired by the mystical mermaid and her home in the sea. From seaglass necklaces to mermaid rings - we hope you find something that speaks to you!

Handmade Mermaid-Inspired Jewelry 

1. Adjustable Mermaid Ring

    Mermaid Ring, Adjustable Size, Sterling Silver

    Wear your love of mermaids on your hands with this Adjustable Mermaid Ring made of sterling silver. It’s beautifully textured with flowy hair and a long tail that’s easily customizable to wrap around your finger.

    2. Silver Mermaid Earrings

    Mermaid Post Earrings, Sterling Silver

    Cute and simple, these Silver Mermaid Earrings are perfect studs that go with any outfit. If you have multiple piercings, we love pairing them with the wave studs

    3. Wooden Cameo Mermaid Stud Earrings

      Wooden Cameo Stud Earrings, Mermaid

      Handmade in South Carolina, the Wooden Cameo Mermaid Stud Earrings are hand painted on wood and mounted onto hypoallergenic lead and nickel free metal posts. They’re the perfect amount of rustic meets ocean flair.

      4. Glass Oval Wishbone Earrings

      Glass Oval Drop Wishbone Earrings, Trilogy

      For simple elegance, the Glass Oval Wishbone Earrings feature a pair of glass oval beads from the Czech Republic. They’re lightweight, unique, and a beautiful statement piece.

      5. Classic Freshwater Pearl Necklace

      Classic Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Soft Pink

      Wear a piece of the beach with this Classic Freshwater Pearl Necklace. This wearable ocean treasure is perfect for mermaid lovers and anyone who appreciates the ocean.   

      6. Ocean Medley Necklace

      Ocean Medley Necklace

      As the name suggests, this Ocean Medley Necklace is a representation of the beautiful colors of the ocean. Each necklace is handmade with a mix of amazonite, freshwater pearls, ocean quartz, crystals & Czech glass. It’s also extremely versatile and can be worn as one very long necklace, two or three necklaces of varying lengths, a four strand choker, or knotted at several lengths.

      7. Seaglass Inspired Necklace

      Seaglass Inspired Necklace in Blue, Aqua and Teal

      For those who prefer minimalist jewelry, the Seaglass Inspired Necklace embodies ocean breeze and the many colors in our seas. Handmade on Martha's Vineyard from recycled glass “pebbles” - each necklace is one-of-a-kind - just like you!  

      Cute Mermaid Socks 

      Combining lightweight comfort and splashy style, these women's mermaid socks make a graceful and charming statement! 

      8. Socks with Mermaids Swimming (Aqua Green)

        Socks with Mermaids Swimming, Light Aqua Green

        For a playful note, these Socks with Mermaids Swimming are cute, comfy, and colorful. You’ll stay cozy while still connecting with your love of the ocean wherever you go!  

        9. Mermaid Socks (Purple)

          Socks with Mermaids

          Keep your toes toasty in these Purple Mermaid Socks. Each sock is a pretty portrait of the ocean with a ship design near the ankle and lovely mermaids swimming at your feet! 

          More Mermaid-Themed Gifts for Kids & Adults: Jewelry Dishes, Soaps, Gift Bags, Hair Clips & More

          From ring dishes to mermaid gift bags - these mermaid-themed gifts are sure to make any ocean lover smile. 

          10. Oyster Ring Dish

          Gilded Oyster Jewelry Dish, Indigo Decoupage


          Decorative dishes are lovely places to store your beloved jewelry when they aren’t on you! This is Oyster Ring Dish is a perfect complement with a bracelet for a gift set or a wonderful “something blue” for a bride! 

          11. Let’s Be Mermaids Gift Bags

            Reusable Gift Bag with Mermaid Design

            This Reusable “Let’s Be Mermaids” Gift Bag is a fun tote to wrap gifts or carry extra snacks or belongings. The best part: each bag is made with recycled water bottles! 

            12. Handmade Mermaid Sparkle Soap

              Soap Bar Mermaid, Handmade on Cape Cod

              Bring a little sparkle to your hand washing routine!  This is Handmade Mermaid Sparkle Soap is made locally on Cape Cod and has unique properties that will leave you glimmering - like a mermaid! 

              13. “Sorry Mermaids Only” Wooden Sign

                Hanging Sign, Sorry Mermaids Only

                Show off your love of mermaids in your home with this cute and charming "Sorry Mermaids Only” Wooden Sign

                14. Shell Garland

                  Capiz Shell Garland

                  Turn your home into an ocean-inspired oasis with the Shell Garland. It not only adds a beautiful beachy vibe to any room, but it also flutters to make a calming wind-chime sound. It’s an irresistible beachy touch any mermaid lover will appreciate! 

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