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Vintage locket earrings: a unique gift in 12 colors

In this video I model my unique vintage locket earrings and walk you through the color choices. These sweet earrings are made from a tiny locket (that really opens!) below a crystal in your choice of 12 colors. The video was taken in my booth at the ACRE show in Las Vegas, where I was a vendor (ACRE stands for American Craft Retailer Expo). The earrings come in either original vintage brass or sterling silver plated.

I salvaged the tiny antique lockets from a vintage jewelry warehouse and breathed new life into them. I even sent some off to a metal plater to get a brand new coat of shiny sterling silver on them, creating a whole new, brighter look.

Find them at my studio in Edgartown or online here.

Below are images of me digging for treasure at the warehouse:

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