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Shrinking the Globe with Music and Art

Shrinking the Globe with Music and Art

When she's not traveling, Roberta Kirn helps me make jewelry. But Roberta's passion is music, and as part of her Song Exchange Project she travels to faraway places to learn and share songs that help link us as humans and join us in community.

My daughter and I have participated in some of the singing groups she has led here on Martha's Vineyard and we love singing with Roberta and learning songs from around the globe. She has visited Daraja Academy, a girls school in Kenya regularly over the past years and this year she brought beads from my studio.

The students each made a bracelet with their school colors and Roberta recently shared this thank you video. THANK YOU Roberta for your work!

Read more about Roberta's work and support her project here. Below is a picture of Leyla making a bracelet. Leyla was part of the first graduating class at Daraja Academy and she is now part of the staff, helping with fundraising.

Leyla from Daraja Academy makes a bracelet


Roberta at Daraja Academy in Kenya

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