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Reflecting on a Remarkable Year: Stefanie Wolf Designs' Highlights from 2023

Reflecting on a Remarkable Year: Stefanie Wolf Designs' Highlights from 2023


This year has been a tapestry woven with significant milestones and memorable experiences that have not only defined Stefanie Wolf Designs but have also left an indelible mark on the hearts of our loyal customers. Here are the top highlights that made 2023 an unforgettable chapter in the history of Stefanie Wolf Designs.

1. Our Full Circle Necklace was worn by Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll on Inauguration Day:

Stefanie's handmade jewelry took center stage on a historic day as our Full Circle necklace graced Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll during the inauguration. This not only marked a significant moment for Massachusetts with the election of its first-ever female governor, Maura Healey, but also showcased one of our top designs at this pivotal event. Lt. Governor Driscoll, a longtime supporter of ours, added a touch of elegance to the inauguration, creating a lasting memory for all of us. 

 Lt Govenor Kim Driscoll wearing red full circle necklace by Stefanie Wolf

2. Stefanie Wolf Designs was in the News:

The limelight shined on our Triple Circle Earrings as they adorned the ears of TV anchor Maria Stefanos of WCVB Channel 5. The radiant display caught the attention of viewers, triggering a wave of enthusiasm from existing and new customers alike. Seeing our creations celebrated on local news platforms was a source of pride, emphasizing the brand's growing influence and recognition.

 Maria Stephanos News Anchor Channel 5 wearing triple circle earrings by Stef Wolf

3. Debut of Exclusive Hand-Beaded Clutches:

In a bold move, Stefanie diversified our offerings by introducing the first-ever bag design – an exclusive collection of limited edition hand-beaded clutches. The positive response from patrons has fueled excitement, prompting us to explore further possibilities for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.  

Ocean-Inspired Beaded Clutch with Octopus in Blue and Green

4. Introduction of Permanent Jewelry:

Stefanie Wolf Designs added a personal touch to the repertoire by introducing custom-designed permanent jewelry to our collection. The overwhelming joy experienced by our customers, whether celebrating relationships or familial bonds, has reinforced our artists' commitment to crafting meaningful and cherished pieces. Delicate, timeless chains are custom fit and welded on you and your besties to beautifully capture unique style and bond together. The successful soft launch sets the stage for more personalized creations in 2024. Have a few questions about how permanent jewelry fits your wrist and unique personalities? We've answered a few FAQs about our permanent jewelry and our team will ensure a great permanent jewelry booking experience in our Martha's Vineyard retail store. 

Permanent Jewelry Collection for Friends and Family
5. Martha's Vineyard-Inspired Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish:

Collaborating with artist Laura Lobedell and the creative minds at Grit and Grace, Stefanie Wolf Designs unveiled its first Martha's Vineyard and ocean-inspired oyster shell jewelry dish. These unique and artistic dishes have swiftly become customer favorites, offering a visually stunning way to display and organize jewelry while paying homage to Martha's Vineyard and the Atlantic Ocean.

 Gilded Ocean Oyster Jewelry Dish Handcrafted Collection

6. Pride Progress Trilogy Bracelet:

In solidarity with Youth Pride Martha's Vineyard, Stefanie Wolf Designs launched the Pride Progress Trilogy bracelet after actively participating in the inaugural Pride Parade in Oak Bluffs. A remarkable 50% of the purchase price, totaling nearly $2,000, was donated to Martha's Vineyard Community Services. This ongoing commitment underscores Stefanie Wolf Designs's dedication to supporting causes centered around self-expression and inclusivity. Learn more about MV Youth Pride and our long term commitment to supporting this community. 

 MV Youth Pride Group wearing Stefanie Wolf Pride Bracelet and Jewelry

7. First-Ever Jewelry Retirement Sale:

In a bittersweet moment, we bid farewell to some colorways of the best-selling Trilogy collection through its inaugural retirement sale. This presented customers, both in-store and online, with the opportunity to acquire beloved pieces, making way for the introduction of exciting new offerings in the future.

 Trilogy Necklace on Martha's Vineyard

8. Busy Martha's Vineyard Summer Ventures:

The summer of 2023 was a dynamic season for all of our artists and staff, marked by various ventures and community engagements. From launching Divine 9 Sorority-inspired jewelry to collaborating on exclusive scarf colorways with Heather Rose and participating in Island celebrations like Beach Road Weekend and Tivoli Day, we love being connected with the MV community and hope we are leaving a lasting positive impact.

Whether you've been a devoted part of the Stefanie Wolf Designs journey from our inception or recently joined our powerful community, your unwavering support has played a pivotal role in our success. As we eagerly step forward to 2024, Stefanie and the team are enthusiastic about sharing more incredible moments and continuing to serve you with passion and creativity. Thank you for being an integral part of the Stefanie Wolf Designs family. Here's to another year filled with remarkable milestones and shared joys!

Handmade Jewelry Artisans and Staff of Stefanie Wolf Designs
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