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Friendship Jewelry Isn't Just for Kids Anymore, 2023

Friendship Jewelry Isn't Just for Kids Anymore, 2023

Share Sophisticated Matching Jewelry with Friends and Loved Ones

We all had them when we were kids: either half of heart-shaped friendship necklace that we shared with a best friend or a colorful string bracelet that you hand knotted with your friends and wore to profess your devotion to one another. Well, I’m here to tell you that friendship jewelry is alive and well, even with full grown women these days!

Share Coordinating Jewelry with Your Best Friend  

When I was a tween, all the girls were frantically searching for (and switching up) their best friend. Once you found your match, you promptly purchased a pair of those heart necklaces that said "best friends". Each girl wore one half and when the two of you got together you made the heart, and the friendship complete.

While I have come a long way from the days where I believe that girlfriends should be paired off as "besties", I DO still love the idea of sharing special jewelry with special friends. If the idea of sharing two halves of a heart necklace feels juvenile, why not instead coordinate your jewelry with a special friend, a sister or a daughter? Sometimes in the store I'll help two friends choose different necklaces in the same color, or the same necklace in two different colors. Each finds a perfect fit for the individual and whenever they wear their necklace they think of the other.

Best Friends wearing matching necklaces, friendship jewelry, Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

The picture above is of my college roommate and me both wearing different style necklaces in the same color palette. We feel close when we wear them, even if we're apart.

There are ways to coordinate your jewelry with your friend without being "matchy matchy". Here are some other coordinating jewelry ideas:

Circle necklace in royal blue, glass beads


Full Circle Necklace in Periwinkle

Trilogy 18-inch glass beaded necklace with rectangle beads in periwinkle royal blue



Trilogy 18-inch Necklace in Periwinkle

Long beaded necklace with rainbow colored glass beads

 60-inch Necklace in Rainbow

Three strand glass beaded necklace in rainbow colors, rectangle tile beads

60-inch 3-Strand Necklace in Rainbow



Commemorate a Gals’ Getaway Weekend

Living on Martha’s Vineyard, I often meet groups of traveling gals that are taking a trip together to commemorate an event like a big birthday, a reunion, or simply a ladies’ weekend getaway. What better way to remember the vacation than with a piece of jewelry that each member of the group takes home.

On one occasion a woman purchased 6 bracelets, one for herself and for each of five friends, as a surprise thank you gift to the friend that was the hostess, plus a souvenir for herself and the other four. She chose a different color combination for each girlfriend, based on her taste and preference.

Six Trilogy Bracelets by Stefanie Wolf, Martha's Vineyard

It's fun to choose a different color combination for each girlfriend. These Trilogy bracelets come in 42 colors!


Mother-Daughter Jewelry

Mothers and daughters can have fun coordinating their jewelry as well. Once a mom and her grown daughter both fell in love with the same blue and green color palette I call Lagoon. Instead of deciding which one of them should buy the necklace, they each got a different style necklace in the same color. One ended up with the Trilogy 60-inch Necklace in Lagoon and the other got the Trilogy 3-Strand necklace in Lagoon. Each was a perfect fit for the individual and now whenever they wear their necklace they think of the other.

Lagoon 3-Strand Necklace Trilogy Stefanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard

Trilogy 3-Strand Necklace in Lagoon

 Lagoon 60-inch Necklace Trilogy Stefanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard

Trilogy 60-inch Necklace in Lagoon


And for the mothers that have daughters that are still growing, there is the option to get a coordinating pair of bracelets or necklaces in the same color palette where one is in an adult size and the other is kid sized. A classy, colorful take on "Mommy and Me" jewelry.

Martha's Vineyard Kid's Bracelets Stefanie Wolf

Kid-sized jewelry!



Lavender Mix Trilogy Bracelet, Stefanie Wolf

Trilogy Bracelet

Little Girls Bracelet in Pretty Purple by Stefanie Wolf, Martha's VIneyard

Kids Trilogy Bracelet



3-Strand Rainbow Necklace for Mother, Stefanie Wolf

3-Strand Rainbow Necklace



Kids Rainbow Necklace, Stefanie Wolf, Martha's VineyardKids Rainbow Necklace



60-Inch Trilogy Necklace in Ocean Mix by Stefanie Wolf, Martha's Vineyard: Blue, sapphire, turquoise, navy, indigo, aqua, royal, denim60-inch Ocean Necklace


Kids Ocean Necklace, Stefanie Wolf

Kids Ocean Necklace


Another mom found a Martha’s Vineyard island necklace in her favorite shade of turquoise blue, gifting her young daughter with the same exact necklace. They now wear them while together or apart to feel connected to one another and to the island.

Martha's Vineyard Mother Daughter Necklaces Stefanie Wolf

This mother and daughter chose matching Martha's Vineyard necklaces in turquoise blue

Matching mother daughter bracelets or necklaces make great gifts for special occasions like birthdays, communion, bat mitzvah, or simply to commemorate a fun trip together. Mommy and me jewelry is a colorful yet classy way to connect with your daughter.

MV necklaces are available in 8 colors


Wearable Vacation Souvenirs

Time together on the Vineyard can also be remembered with matching island bangles. Choose to have your specific island town destination engraved on the bracelet, or you can simply get the whole island and have “Martha’s Vineyard” engraved. One summer a group of visiting ladies who stayed in Edgartown each took home an Edgartown bangle with a different color charm on it to match her individual tastes and color preferences.

Martha's Vineyard bangles are a great way to remember summer

Stefanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard Bangles

Everybody gets to choose their favorite color charm!



Memorialize a Special Day

Coordinating jewelry is a creative way to remember a special occasion shared with family and friends. Surprise a young gal at her first communion with a bracelet that coordinates with her God Mother’s bracelet, for example. Birthdays, Bat Mitvahs, family reunions and even a new addition to the family can all be celebrated with imaginative adornments in inspired color schemes. What will you dream up?

Whether you are celebrating family or commemorating a friendship that has stood the test of time, friendship jewelry is a thoughtful and sentimental way to stay connected. 

These sisters celebrated their trip to Martha's Vineyard with coordinating necklaces, aren't they sweet?



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