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Find Your Spark on Martha's Vineyard - Now Offering Permanent Jewelry at the Studio

Find Your Spark on Martha's Vineyard - Now Offering Permanent Jewelry at the Studio

Discover the Magic of Permanent Jewelry at Our Martha’s Vineyard Studio

I learned about permanent jewelry from a friend a couple of years ago, and I quickly realized what a unique experience it was! If you’re not familiar with permanent jewelry (we like to call it PJ), it’s a bracelet or an anklet that has no clasp and stays on you 24/7, until you wish to remove it. The experience of getting permanent jewelry can also be a really cool way of commemorating a special moment by customizing a piece of jewelry.

Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard

I knew I wanted to offer something different in my store. We are a jewelry studio, so we’re making just about all of the jewelry in the back, but how cool would it be if we could offer something truly special and customizable for each person?!

14k gold heart bracelet with sapphire permanent jewelry

Elevating Your Jewelry Experience with Permanent Jewelry

We elevated our offering by incorporating precious metals and gemstones, adding an extra layer of luxury to the experience. Martha’s Vineyard holds a unique charm, and when visitors come to the island, they're enveloped in its enchanting atmosphere. I envision permanent jewelry as a new way to capture those cherished moments, allowing people to commemorate their trip with something truly special.

Welding permanent jewelry on martha's Vineyard

So... in order to create permanent jewelry in our store, we needed to solder the two ends of a chain together with a special welding tool. So in the winter, I purchased a new welding machine and my team and I set out to learn how to create permanent jewelry! Mission accomplished and now we can help you create your very own bracelet on the spot and have it zapped onto your wrist! We specialize in 14K gold and sterling silver, and have gemstones and charms as optional adornments.

Czech Glass Bead Charms for Permanent Jewelry Heart Flower Square

Capturing Martha's Vineyard Charm: Introducing Our Unique Martha’s Vineyard Collection

Pretty much the moment I first welded a bracelet around someone’s wrist, I realized that we absolutely had to do this with the shape of Martha’s Vineyard Island. While I've offered Martha's Vineyard necklaces and bracelets in my collection, I've never had the option to get the island as a permanent jewelry charm. So, I got to work on that.

About a year ago, I formed a partnership with a goldsmith and began creating the first ever teeny tiny Martha’s Vineyard island shape, designed to be permanently attached to your gold or silver bracelet. But, I didn’t stop there. We’ve also turned a bunch of our other favorite gemstones, pearls, and glass beads into beautiful charms, made to add an extra something special to your bracelet. Learn more about our permanent jewelry offerings here or book your appointment to get your own bracelet!

Martha's Vineyard Island Permanent Jewelry Bracelet in 14k Gold and Sterling Silver

Fast forward to now, and I realized I hadn’t really shared this new endeavor yet. Not to mention--it inspired an aspect of my newest collection that’s coming very soon.

Martha's Vineyard gold bracelet permanent jewelry

I won’t give any more away now, but it’s something I’ve never done before and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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