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Be Kind and Stay Positive

Be Kind and Stay Positive

In these crazy times while humanity grapples with new questions of health and safety, let's try to remember to focus on the positive.

We will make it through these uncharted waters with the help of LOVE and our community. Let's look out for one another, check on our neighbors and family near and far (either by phone or by keeping the recommended distance!), and support each other however possible.


We Can Get Through This Together!

As many of us are staying close to home in the coming weeks (maybe months?) let's shift our attention to the things we CAN do during this time:

  • Take walks in nature to behold the beauty of spring
  • Cook healthy meals at home (wash your hands!)
  • Play music, learn an instrument
  • Dive into a craft project with your kid
  • FaceTime with friends and family
  • Tackle that decluttering project you've been procrastinating about
  • Write a good old fashioned letter to someone you've been meaning to reach out to
  • Plant and nurture a garden


Here's What We're Doing

I invite you to be socially responsible during these unusual times. I found this article on how and why it's in our community's best interest to start practicing social distancing now, to be very informative.

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