Spring color fresh from the studio

by Stefanie Wolf 2 min read 1 Comment

I hope you love the new spring color palette as much as I do! Soft teal, bold blues and sweet lavender to complement the budding energy of this season.


NEW for Spring 2015!

True blue mix(above)
A spectrum of denim and indigo blues from light blue frost to deep cobalt. 
Lavender mix (above)
Soft lilac, lavender and amethyst,
featuring both transparent and opaque tiles.
Teal frost (above)
A riff on classic turquoise with notes of crystal clear waters and sea glass.
Capri blue (above)
Named for the waters surrounding the Italian island of Capri,
this deep blue green is richer than other aquas and teals in my collection.
Aqua! (above)
An amazing new color that feels like crystal clear blue waters.
Perfect for staying cool in spring and summer.
Wampalyke (above)
Inspired by wampum beads made from the quahog shell, my wampalyke is a new twist on the traditional.
These square glass beads display striations of purple, white and earth tones.
Indigo blue (above)
This was customer favorite color back in my San Francisco days (before my move East) and I've finally been able to stock these beads again.
Dive in to this slightly opalescent deep indigo blue.
To make your color browsing even more enjoyable, I've improved my website to make it easier than ever for you to find just the right thing. Now when you select a color from the drop down list on each product page, the top image will change to match your choice. I've carefully photographed nearly every style in every color so you'll be able to preview just what each style looks like in each color choice.


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Jeri Wassmouth
Jeri Wassmouth

March 25, 2015

I never thanked you for being so incredibly prompt with the making and delivery of my 4 strand natural oatmeal and brown toned necklace in your studio last November, 2014. Not long after leaving your studio we hit a deer in WT, no injuries to us humans but Bambi didn’t fare as well nor did our island van, Martha. Somehow Ken was able to repair Martha and she’s ready for Summer 2015! Thank your staff oh so much for patiently spending so much time finding just the right beads and making my vision come true! Sorry to be so late with my thank you. Jeri Wassmouth Hanson, MA.

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