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One of the best parts of my job is that I get to play with color and call it work. My Trilogy collection jewelry comes in a gazillion solid colors as well as a ton of mixed up colors, and I'm always adding more. I'm much better at adding new colors than I am at retiring them, but now and then we do lay some to rest. This spring I've added four new color mixes to work with all of your season's best ensembles.


Tidepools Mix (below)

This is my personal favorite. Isn't it gorgeous? We've got the blues and greens of the ocean but I've added in some earth tones and a mesmerizing avocado green. There's also a completely new blue here, a deep, rich aqua/teal tone called capri blue. LOVE! When I brought my wares to New York this past winter Tidepools won out as an early favorite for the season with retail buyers.


Technicolor Mix (below)

Talk about bold and beautiful: technicolor mix is big, rich color. I've pulled all of your favorite bold solids into one statement of a mix. We've got red (all time fave), purple, periwinkle blue, orange and fuchsia swirl. It's like the beginning and the end of the rainbow all rolled into one. Like tidepools, technicolor mix was a crowd pleaser among New York's retail buyers this past winter at my trade show.


South Beach Mix (below)

Named after one of my favorite Martha's Vineyard beaches where the waves crash, the castles rise, and the people watching is on! I spent more time there in my early 20s than I'd care to admit to any dermatologist. Anyway...South beach is an easy going mix. Perfect for your summer wardrobe, it goes about just about anything and isn't needy at all. We've got pink, spring green, sky blue, white and purple. South beach covers all your bases without over-committing.  

Lagoon Mix (below)

Ah, the deep and cool lagoon. Refreshing and uplifting as a dip on summer's hottest day, Lagoon Mix is another favorite of mine. I've added deep yet transparent cobalt blue, the richest of blues, to a lovely palette of ocean blues and green. Customers have loved this mix because it goes well with navy blue. I find it to be super classy and rich looking.

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