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Seaglass inspired jewelry

by Stefanie Wolf 2 min read 2 Comments

Seaglass inspired jewelry

Inspired by my seaglass stash from days spent wandering island beaches, my beach glass jewelry is just beachy. With borrowed hues and textures from ocean-tumbled glass, this jewelry is sure to transport you to the water's edge.

I have been making jewelry for many years now from glass tile beads from the Czech Republic. About an hour's drive outside of Prague is a region that is known for it's exquisitely crafted glass beads. I fell in love with these beads, and now nearly all of my jewelry is made from Czech glass beads. Read more about my trip to the Czech Republic here. I work exclusively with one bead maker over there and have the ability to customize the colors, shapes and finishes of the beads he produces for me.

I decided to make this sea glass jewelry collection when I discovered that the "sandblasted" finish in the Czech bead industry is just a quick way of making seaglass! Instead of the deep, colorful, sometimes metallic finishes I typically request on the beads, if we "sandblast" them instead, they get a rough, matte finish that looks surprisingly like beach glass.

Now I'm an island girl (I live on the island of Martha's Vineyard year round), and I must say that I'm just a beach bum at heart. So as soon as I laid eyes on these beachy looking, seaglassy beads I was inspired to create this collection.


Shown below is the

Trilogy bracelet in seaglass, $44

Seaglass bracelet, just like beach glass! Stefanie Wolf Designs

Seaglass Inspired Jewelry Martha's Vineyard Stefanie Wolf

Every Trilogy style now comes in seaglass mix in addition to my classic color palette. Just choose "Mix: Seaglass" from the color options on a product page to view or purchase any piece in this new color mix.

Often mistaken for true sea glass found on the beach, these summery glassy gems will have you turning heads year round. Everytime I wear this necklace, I get asked "Is that sea glass?".

Shown below the Trilogy 18-inch necklace in seaglass, $64:

Seaglass necklace, just like beach glass! Stefanie Wolf Designs

This necklace is about 18-inches long and you can wear the clasp in the front or in the back. Put it in the front and enjoy a little pendant at the center, or for a clean classic look spin the clasp to the back and get a simple strand. 

Seaglass necklace Stefanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard

 Seaglass necklace, just like beach glass! Stefanie Wolf Designs

As well as some new seaglass drop earrings (shown below) which come with a sterling ball stud, which is new for me and I'm really liking it,

Seaglass drop earrings, $39:

Seaglass Earrings Stefanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard

Shown below the Trilogy 60-inch necklace in seaglass, $130:

Stefanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard Seaglass Inspired Jewelry

Shown below, Trilogy earrings in seaglass:  $38

Shown below, 3-strand bracelet in seaglass: $88



Shown below, the seaglass medley necklace (shown below) features freshwater pearls, jade and recycled glass in addition to my favorite Czech glass.

Seaglass medley necklace, $165

And here's the seaglass medley bracelet, $65:

 Shown below is the Trilogy 3-strand necklace in seaglass, $64:

Stefanie Wolf Martha's Vineyard Seaglass Inspired Jewelry

These are some new hoop earrings, $42:



As well as some new seaglass drop earrings which come with a sterling ball stud, which is new for me and I'm really liking it,

Teal seaglass drop earrings, $39

2 Responses

Stefanie Wolf
Stefanie Wolf

May 29, 2019

Yes, Carol, the sea glass earrings are all nickel free. All of the findings in the seaglass jewelry are sterling silver. Thanks for asking!


November 05, 2016

Are the sea glass earrings nickel free?

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