Soap, Bar

Inspired by the sea and made on Cape Cod!


-4.2oz pure vegetable glycerin soap bar
-Scented with citrus and salt
-Creamy white soap bar with a blue mica swirl and a sprinkle of sea salt to purify and scrub



-4.2oz pure vegetable glycerin soap bar
-Scented with fresh ginger, cool white tea and a hint of citrus
-Aqua pigmented soap bar with aqua mica and cosmetic glitter swirled throughout...will leave you sparkling like a mermaid!


- 4.2oz pure vegetable glycerin soap bar
-Scented with sea water, fresh air and citrus
-Aqua pigmented bar with frosty sea glass soap shards suspended within

SAND: Scrub and buff with real Cape Cod beach sand!

-Glycerin bar soap
-Creamy, white bar with 1/4 cup exfoliating beach sand in each bar
-Scented with warm coconut
-100% pure vegetable glycerin soap...never tested on animals
-Skin friendly, all natural fragrance oils added


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