Heavenly Hydrangeas, Hardcover Book

Heavenly Hydrangeas, Hardcover Book

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Hydrangeas are booming in popularity as home gardeners appreciate their long season of bloom, ease of maintenance, and dazzling variety of flower colors and forms.

This book reveals the best species for landscaping uses and the best varieties for both fresh and dried flower arrangements.

Unique in their ability to change flower color depending on soil composition, hydrangeas are the chameleons of the plant world.

Color mysteries are cleared up along with recommendations for achieving the best blues, pinks, purples, and whites in the home garden.

With more than 250 vivid color photos, the book offers clear and expert advice on planting, pruning, and providing basic care.

Learn the best time to cut hydrangeas for fresh bouquets and when and how to harvest them for dried flowers.

With single-topic chapters and answers to frequently asked questions, this is a handy and easily accessible guide for both beginning and experienced gardeners.