Handmade Martha's Vineyard Keepsake Bowl

Everyone in my studio is going wild over these island embossed keepsake bowls! Perfect for jewelry, wrapped candies, tiny treasures or other sweet whatnots, these small handmade pottery bowls make a unique gift for any island lover.
Each bowl is unique and lovingly handcrafted by Helayne Cohen on Martha's Vineyard. Helayne melts "my" glass beads onto her pottery to create these beautiful bead bowls, as she calls them. (Helayne kept a few of these special bowls for herself and uses them to keep beads in while she's crafting at home). The bowls are fired to 2232 degrees Fahrenheit in her kiln, creating unique splashes of sea inspired colors. 
Each bowl is unique. Make a selection from the drop down menu below to view the image of that exact bowl.  Each bowl is approx. 4 inches in diameter and 1 inch high. Due to the crackled nature of the surface, these bowls are not suitable for food.


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