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Seven Ways to Wear My Trilogy 60-Inch Necklace

I spend my summers outdoors at the Vineyard Artisans Festivals on Martha's Vineyard interacting with customers and sharing my enthusiasm for my jewelry. I love watching customers' reactions to my newest colors and styles and observing as they interact with my creations. I was inspired to create this video after Julia, my booth helper this past summer, discovered YET ANOTHER way to wear my already versatile Trilogy 60" necklace! A creative gal by nature, one day she was playing around with the long necklaces in my booth and she came up with a way of creating a pendant by tying a knot. Now this is one of my favorite ways to wear this classic necklace. We spent the rest of the summer demonstrating this new knot to customers as they browsed in my booth, complete with puns like "you will knot believe how many ways you can wear this necklace" and "are you ready to get knotty?". In this video I share this knot as one of the seven ways to wear the necklace. How do you wear your Trilogy necklace? Please share below in the comments. Enjoy!

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It's Showtime!

The Summer of 2014 is in full swing here on Martha's Vineyard and I absolutely LOVE getting to meet and interact with my customers out and about when I do shows. I love the instant feedback on new colors and styles that you all offer daily, and I love watching you play dress up with your friends in the great outdoors. Here's my event schedule, come and say hello if you're lucky enough to be on island!





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