There’s nothing worse than catching your favorite long necklace on a handle or knob as you lean over to grab something… or your child tugs on your bracelet and it burst open, beads flying everywhere, or losing just ONE of your favorite earrings!
I take great pride in creating high quality jewelry that lasts and lasts. I first started making and selling jewelry in San Francisco in 2004 and some of you have been my loyal customers since then! In fact, many of you have shared photos of your jewelry that is 8, 10, even 12 years old that you are still enjoying regularly. This makes me happy.
From time to time jewelry will break, and beaded jewelry will occasionally need to be restrung. I am happy to do this for you when it is my jewelry. I typically have a small fee to cover the time it takes us In the studio to re-string or repair your bracelet or necklace or create a matching earring to replace your lost one.
I wanted to offer you the chance to get your jewelry repaired virtually free. All of the details are below. I look forward to getting your jewelry back to you as good as new so you can continue to enjoy it for the coming years!



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